Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Official Statement from MRC

28th December 2009 – Information & Public Relation Bureau and Welfare Bureau of MRC Talhah conducted interview with Principal Mahallah Talhah, Ustaz Mohd Ali Abdullah regarding on certain issues that arise in mahallah;

1. Mahallah and Residential
Since Top Management of University have decided that IIUM is not fully-residential university yet start from 8/9/2009 due to possibilities that may be arisen;
a) 1000 students is expected can’t be accommodated in Mahallah on next july intake. Students are advised to find own residential (rumah sewa).
b) Plan from Management: Due to transportation problem that may be arisen, top management of IIUM have decided to buy new building that will be built by developer in front of Pusat Dagangan Mahkota. Duration of construction take 7 months with safety guarantee. Cost for this building’s construction is RM28mil. This plan still in negotiation process between IIUM management and developers. Final decision still not is confirmed yet.
c) Status for live-in campus students: Category of live-in campus students depends on exact number of students for next semester. Status of those students still not is confirmed yet.
d) For students who intend to stay live-off campus, there is reminder that they should fill Live-off-Campus (LOC) form.
2. TV Room
a) Room beside gymnasium (old kiosk) will be renovated as TV room for brothers.
b) Sister can use TV room at Mahallah Maimunah.
c) Common problem that happen at TV room is lost of Astro card.
3. Microphone and Speaker
a) For IM2 resident, speaker problem had been already arisen to the authority long times ago. We still are waiting for further action.
b) Regarding on electrical disruption and PA system issue in musolla, MRC will send follow-up letter again to the administration to settle this issue.
4. Theft problem in Mahallah IM6
a) All residents are encouraged to do “Solat hajat” for asking protection from Allah. Principal also takes initiative to do ‘solat hajat’ with residents on 29th December 2009 at House 10.
b) Mahallah authority will discuss this issue and its solution with IM6 residents.

Information & Public Relation Bureau,
Mahallah Representative Committee,
Mahallah Talhah.

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  1. salam...nk tau la untuk kemasukan 2010/2011 ex cfs thun 2010 ni kn 1st year student duduk kt mana