Friday, July 17, 2009




Welcome back to our beautiful campus, IIUM Kuantan campus for all students especially for Mahallah Talhah residents. After finishing a lot of tasks, research, program and project for every course in 2008/09 session, now we move to new semester with new determination and new spirit. I hope we can renew our niat and understand our roles as vicegerent and servant of Allah s.w.t.

For your information, this is MRC’s official blog. So, all comments and suggestions from everyone about your welfare, information, program, activities and MRC itself are welcomed. As usual people, we also do mistake and we need your advice in order to improve our services to all of you. Here, I take an opportunity to welcomes all new residents of our Mahallah include all first year students who are live in T3 and Mahallah IM2. I also like to inform all of you that we have a new mahallah in IM6. Now, we have a big family and we have responsibility to strengthen ukhwah among ourselves and improve our relationship.

Last but not least, I represent Information & Public Relation Bureau of MRC Talhah wishes all the best and good luck for all of you in this semester and throughout of the year.


IPR Editor