Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dipetik dari BLOG SRC..

Residential Issue (IIUM Kuantan) Update News
1) IIUM Kuantan students will be not move out for this 2nd semester session 09/10

2) Senate meeting on Friday 06/11/09 in IIUM Kuantan and CFS’s Board meeting on the afternoon.

3) The short notice about residential issues that you have received is just a general notice for all IIUM students (Gombak and Kuantan). For IIUM Kuantan, we still considering for the best solution.

4) Tuan Anuzi, Deputy Director will present the solutions for this problem to IIUM Kuantan top management on next week and if approved, it will be presented in IIUM Gombak.

5) Students for July 10/11 and Dec 11/12 sessions are about 1700 students. (Refer to CFS statistic)

6) The other solution for this problem is IIUM might buy or rent the premise and renovate it as mahallah in IM2.

7) The new mahallah will be constructed in front of KOS and will be occupied on Dec 2010. About 500 students could reside in there. And the 2nd phase of the mahallah construction will be started on 2012.

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